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Exam questions are by far the best preparation for exams, but quizzes can help to show you what you've learnt and to identify those areas that you are less confident or competent in. You can always work in pairs with a friend and write your own questions.

We have several quizzes on Utilitarianism.

Also take a look at the Ethical Theory quiz made by contentgenerator.

There are also questions on Harry Gensler's monochromatic site - ignore the way it looks, and see how many questions you can get right! You may need to read through the text first...

Harry Gensler's Philosophy Exercises - Consequentialism

( I gave up - there were 36 questions!)

Harry Gensler's Philosophy Exercises - Mill

( I managed 12/16 on my first go.)

Ethics 1

This links to Amazon where you can find out more about Harry Gensler's text-book. The contents page and index can be viewed at Amazon by clicking on 'Search Inside'.

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