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Book Rating/5 Cover

The Puzzle of Ethics, Peter Vardy - Vardy's always reliable on Ethics, and he has a lot of respect for Kant. I recommend his chapter on 'Kant and the Moral Law'

AS/A2 Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics for OCR: Study Guide Bob Bowie- A concise book that gives an overview for every topic on the OCR syllabus. Does lack depth - do not buy if you aren't studying OCR!

Ethical Studies (Second Edition) Bob Bowie- - Great book (and the 'a priori' mistake from the first edition isn't in the second one). It's by the man behind RS Web (and the shorter OCR revision guide above).

Moral Problems, Michael Palmer - The book is hit and miss, as it covers only some of the topics you want. However, there is an excellent chapter on 'The theory of Immanuel Kant', with exercises, criticisms and amendments, and a discussion on the morality of war with great extracts from Ghandi and others

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