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Strengths and Weaknesses of Kant's Ethical Theory

The Notes below are very similar to the theory and criticisms on this website - they're just easier to print out. Teachers may wish to download the Word document and make alterations/additions.


The file 'Kant explained' gives key aspects of the theory with my own explanation of what Kant meant. It's very useful for students to try and do this themselves, as it's the best way to make sure you understand the theory!

Kant explained

'Kant and Euthanasia Chart' was a chart we used in class. We listed the factors that influeced our decisions regarding euthanasia. We then asked whether each of these factors would be self contradictory or contradictions of the will for Kant. We also asked whether they involved using someone as a means to an end. We also did it another way, looking at three examples of people who wanted to die (Dax Cowart - severly burnt but alert; Dianne Pretty - motor neurone disease; Thomas Hyde - ALS).

Kant and Euthanasia Chart
Kant and Euthanasia examples

Print out your own copy of the revision cards for Kant and other theories:

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