These resources are aimed at the last few weeks of revision.  They include materials for AS and Year 2. If you are in Year 12, studying the AS, there will be more resources here when you reach Year 2!

Just Year 2 Ethics left to go now.  As there is still no text book, remember you can find drafts for 3 sections out of 4, and there are resources on this site to cover the last section.  Sample notes available on Finnis and Hoose are © Mark Lambe. Mark has notes available for all WJEC/Eduqas AS/A-level Philosophy and Ethics topics Contact:

Theme 1: Naturalism, Intuitionism, Emotivism (textbook draft)

Theme 2: Finnis, Hoose, Immigration, Death Penalty (Lambe: Hoose, Finnis)

Theme 4: Determinism, Predestination, Free Will, Libertarianism, Implications, (textbook draft)