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As a teacher, I have a collection of films about Animal Rights issues. However, most of them are incredibly biased, either being unquestionably pro-animal experimentation, or alternatively being aggressively pro-animal rights. I can recommend the following, which should stimulate debate:

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Sharkwater (PG) 2007- "This was the most beautifully shot piece of cinematography I have ever had the fortune to watch. Even so, this beauty was nothing compared to the utterly tragic and desperately moving discoveries the film documented. Rob Stewart cannot be thanked and praised enough for this film and it marks the beginning of something crucial. This must be stopped and this film is what is needed to educate and amaze people. I cannot wait to watch it again and encourage everyone I know to watch it. It literally changes you" Amazon review
Food Inc - "Not dogmatic or didactic which many DVD's and documentaries of its ilk can be. Food Inc is an incredibly insightful and informative exposé on our supermarket products. The most popular ones anyway. It reveals how complicated, compromised and ethically distasteful the once simple process of growing crops and raising livestock has become. In doing so, it illustrates the perils of consumer apathy.

We can change our food supply. After all, it is we the consumer who creates demand." Amazon review


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