Religious prejudice

Prejudice and Discrimination


Religious prejudice

There has been a long history of religious prejudice. For example, Christianity is guilty of terrible crimes against Judaism over the last 2,000 years. Every Jew in England was expelled, and the last few were chased into a tower that was set alight - they burned to death. However, when Hitler murdered 6 million Jews, it was race, not faith, that was the criteria.

Around the world there are many complex situations where religion can further complicate things. Sometimes religion is a major cause of problems, other times its just another factor, or may even be used as an excuse.

Often, ignorance just worsens a difficult situation. The press doesn't always help, reinforcing stereotypes and publicising only negative stories. For example, many people are currently very concerned about Islamophobia- Muslims are hated or distrusted, and used as scapegoats.

How should we respond to disputes between religions? How should Christians treat people of other faiths? Is iit possible for people to live together peacefully with people who have very different beliefs and practices? Is the way forward to try to get rid of religion, or to give people a better understanding of different beliefs, practices and values?

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