Prejudice and Discrimination

Exam Questions - OCR and AQA

Religious Studies B Ethics 2 (Year 11) - Philosophy and Applied Ethics, Specimen Paper


(a) What is meant by ‘equality’? [1]

(b) What do Christians believe about reconciliation? [2]

(c) Describe Christian beliefs about equality. [3]

(d) Explain Christian teaching about the role of women in society. [6]

(e) ‘Men and women are not equal.’ Discuss this statement. You should include different, supported points of view and a personal viewpoint. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. [12] Total: [24]

AQA - Religious Studies B Unit 2 Religion and Life Issues (Paper and Mark Scheme)

Question 3 Religion and Prejudice
Look at the statements below.

Prejudice is unfairly judging someone without knowing them.
Prejudice can lead to discrimination.

1 1 What is stereotyping? (1 mark)

1 2 Give two reasons why many religious believers are against discrimination. (2 marks)

1 3 ‘Religious believers should do more to fight prejudice.’
What do you think? Explain your opinion. (3 marks)

1 4 Explain the attitudes of religious believers to racism. Refer to religious teaching in your answer. (6 marks)

1 5 ‘Fear is the greatest cause of prejudice.’
Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. Refer to religious arguments in your answer. (6 marks)

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